Song To Song

Terrence Malick is not my favorite director but there is one thing he always delivers for me - beauty. This was once again an eye-candy. Visuals, sights, wide angles - thank you very much.
There are barely dialogues there, usually voice-overs because the story is being told  from a diary point of view I would say. We hear character thoughts and reflections and basically all dialogues are "silenced out". It's appealing. Casting hit the bulls eye for me.
What could've been better: the script (somehow through all the expressed emotions it still felt shallow for me), songs they used could've been less but played for longer periods of time or something..Also - editing. Film felt very chaotic and so I couldn't really attach to anyone or anything (except for the nature shots).
Conclusion: It had the potential of being unbelievably amazing but in the end it is just beautiful with excellent cast and too much "cutting" and "putting it back together".

Rating: ✭✭✭

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Some of us already know something about Arthur and his beloved sword in the stone and its' strength. Some of us don't. It doesn't matter. What matters is that this movie was quite great!
What good things you will possibly see or get out of this:
 - Great, interesting operator work AND editing! The different angles and ways the cameras were turned and then cut and cooked up again in such a pleasant way..tiny bulbs of joy popped inside of my soul because of the likeness of what my eyes saw and brains comprehended. So prepare for nicely done visuals.
- Jude Law as an evil character was a bit funny to see. He did a good job. Just still find it funny.
- It's a Guy Richie movie (previously famous for different movies, most popular - Snatch). It goes without saying - there will be some good and funny punch-lines. Enjoyed the screenplay.
- Modern yet with a sense of medieval times soundtracks - lovely and appropriate.
- As I have no intention of spoiling anything... but I also can't not speak..Oh well, whatever - In an early stage of the movie there is a montage about the little Arthur and how he grows up and what happens in the mean time. I found it to be a very cool way of showing things that are important to get but not that important for the main story. So I was happy of what I saw and also about how much time out of the movie these scenes took.
- Also a teeny, tiny thing at the end of the movie that just made me smile and is not a spoiler - I saw dirty fingernails. It may sound a bit odd but it is nice to see these little but realistic things in movies.
What bad things to expect?
- I can't really name any. I wasn't ecstatic or on the edge of my seat all the time, there were little parts were the movie felt flat but they were just for a very short period of time.
Here it goes - Medieval tale-ish movie about king-to-come Arthur and the sword told (and definitely shown) in a bit of a nowaday-way. Entertaining.

Rating: ★★★

Get Out

Get Out was interesting. Genre wise it's not my favorite (horror, mystery. Although I wasn't scared for a second) but the story and where it was going was quite interesting and original.
The story begins when African-American man accepts to visit his Caucasian girlfriend's somewhat rich family somewhere off-road. He is the first African-American man who she takes there. Family itself seems legit (....but are they?), the staff is being off-putting a bit (...but are they?) so you get curious of why is that..Well, let's say the journey begins there and I don't want to give anything away anymore. It's interesting.
Won't be able to tell you that soundtracks were great (didn't notice them), or the operator did a fantastic job (didn't notice the work) or that acting was superb (didn't feel like it, didn't even care) but I will say again - it kept me intrigued.
So if you are not a person with weak nervous system I can suggest you go and see this film.

Rating: ★★★½


Life did not impress me.
It's okay but brings nothing new to the table. The characters felt like they've been poorly based so the entire movie I could not care for anyone. I also was able "to guess" some parts and events in the movie - that I count as a bad thing too.
The plot is simple, not bad. Action, scary parts are there but somehow it is just okay. Did not look at the clock while the film was running (so it was entertaining) but wasn't excited or anything.
Jake Gyllenhaal is my favorite male actor but even he wasn't able to move me.

Rating: ★★½


As it is History/Drama called Silence and it is about two Jesuit priests who travel to Japan which has banned Catholicism and almost all foreign contact, you know it is not going to be something fast-paced or action packed. 
With that said - a pleasant cinema experience if you are ready for it. It is 2 hours and 40 minutes long and it is about different religions and how different people view them in that specific century. I liked it, it made me think about things I usually don't think about as I am not a religious person (don't mind others being though). It was interesting for me to see that sort of faith, flaws and lack of it at different points. 
What you can expect when going to see this:
- Interesting accents. 
- Religious, faithful/faithless mood. Struggles.
- Beautiful nature
- Brutality
- Strength. Weakness. 
- Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver. :D 

All in all, it is a bit hard to sit still for that long period of time but it was also quite enjoyable. 

Rating: ★★★½


Lion is a title to a movie which is based on true events and it tells a story about a very young Indian boy who gets lost and through different obstacles finds himself adopted by an Australian family where he grows up, eventually finding himself in need to find his birth mother, brother and - home.
The story itself is somewhat divided into 2 parts - we get to really experience the young boys journey and then his life in middle twenties as he starts to look for home.

The movie is very good but I want to enhance what I liked the most:
  • The young boy - Sunny Pawar (his first film and first time traveling with airplanes by the way) - such a cute looking and sounding boy! Can't remember the last time I was so fond of a kid in a movie. Very lovely youngster. 
  • Rooney Mara. Especially because it wasn't about her. She still managed to win my heart by portraying a down to earth, genuine person who cares. The subtle things she can do amaze me. This time it was this small tremble of her lower lip for about 2 seconds that just caught my eye. Great. Sold.
  • Dev Patels' voice. In general. He looks good too, don't get me wrong, but his voice..
  • How music cooperated into colliding timelines. This one is a bit hard to explain. If you are interested, feel free to ask? It may contain spoilers. 
There wasn't anything in particular that I did not like. Don't see why Nicole Kidman was nominated for an Oscar for this (can't believe there weren't better options. She is not bad, but usually the academy nominate extraordinary performances and this wasn't it). Otherwise - I connected to the story at some point, felt a bit emotional at the end (yes, many women and some men tend to cry after this piece) but still - something didn't work for me, hence the rating. 

Rating: ★★★½

20th Century Women

I don't know where to start. Sometimes it's hard to put down in words the things you feel during and afterwards.
The director and the writer Mike Mills drew from his life with women that were around him to make this film. It's about a single mother trying to figure out how to raise her teenage boy into a good man. She seeks help from two other (and different character-wise) women that linger around the house for different reasons. 
It was so good for me. Throughout the entire movie a sense of sadness is always there. Sometimes it's very blunt, sometimes very subtle. At points it gets heavy and at others - humour appears.
Always fantastic to see movies where the characters are well made. Here we got to see more than two:
Annette Bening does a fantastic job showing a non-stereotypical mother - a mother who has her good sides and many different flaws. I have no wonder anymore why she got an Oscar nomination. 
Greta Gerwig - one of my favorites in everything (this is a lie - I have not seen EVERYTHING) she does and this is no exception. She masterfully shows an artistic woman who has these "different" views on life and who doesn't live by the standard rules. She has heart and crazy good looking red hair. Very pleasant to watch her work. 
Although Elle Fanning played a character that I felt like I've seen before doesn't take away that she also did good in my eyes. Through her we see a somewhat cool, rebellious (she has her reasons) late-teenager who has sh*t of her own which is not shown that much because it's not the point of the movie. Believably played.
Lucas Jade Zumann plays the son of Annette Bening's character. So cute and lovable. And the way he is is very different from what I've seen in other films boys to be and that is something that I'm very keen on - to see uniqueness, something unordinary. And those brown eyes of his.. 
There is also Billy Crudup who plays a semi-meaningful role but I won't get into that because to me he didn't "shine" here.
What was also satisfying to see was the way and how well these characters blended. It didn't matter if it was a group scene or a dialogue, it all felt very interesting and natural. It had heart. 
I have nothing bad to say about the way it was shown - nice view angles at times, color choices for different "events", pretty landscapes. Very nice work. 
I have nothing bad to say how the story was told.
I have nothing really bad to say about 20th Century Women. It spoke to my heart and that is basically all I seek to get from a movie. 

If you are up for some down to earth different relationship drama which focuses on women - this should be a good choice! 
P.S. La La Land still gets the Oscar from me.

Rating: ★★★★½