Went to see this without knowing that it will be "Searching" what I was going to see (that's the magic of movie theater showing "secret pre-premieres" where people go in blind and just figure out what film it is going to be by it starting to play. Only thing they do know - it will be something fresh and not available yet for audiences for a week, or two or something).
Searching is a story about a loving father whose daughter suddenly goes missing and his actions in order to find her in this media/mobile-oriented life we have now.
It's an alright movie for the most part. The visualization of it is different, very "video call", "web search from ones perspective" filled. Some bits here and there are comic-like because most audience definitely can relate to "parents on internet" subject. I've checked and critics have enjoyed this piece.
HOWEVER, I did not. I found the story to be something out of  "I've seen this! This is nothing thrilling whatsoever!" bag. Did not like the way how it unfolded and what turns along the way it took. And don't get me even started on the ending part. Feel quite strongly in a negative way when in a reasonable, realistic movie illogic appears and f*cks everything up, especially if it happens at the end. WHYYY. Ending part took away one whole rating star, no doubt. Soundtracks were tacky and too obvious for situations.
John Cho was good. I enjoyed his performance (speaking of John Cho. Columbus was a good indie movie. Watch that instead).
I can only dare you to go see this movie and then come back and tell me "your taste sucks!"...Or, you know, there is also an option of "you were right".

Rating: ★★

P.S. Movie is in Latvia's theaters starting 14th of September.

Ocean's 8

I think there are two ways to watch this IF you want to leave with some sense of enjoyment:
1) Get up somewhat early in the morning, take a cup of tea or coffee and go to the cinema (cause it's dark there and quality is way better then at home.....well, most of the homes I presume). And as it is morning, you don't really want to watch something deep, dark, incredibly clever or meaningful, right? I think you should be wanting something professionally made, easy-breezy plot-wise with some light touches of humor here and there, not too much action or detective-like..Right? Oh, and a good cast. That goes without saying and basically you should be wanting that no matter what time of day it is. This is option number 1 and this is the one I chose. I see another way how this can turn from mediocre to good:
2) On a windy, rainy or any other way uneventful/unpleasant Friday (or Saturday) evening take your bestestestest friend or couple of just good ones, take some alcoholic beverages (beer, cider, wine or something else I don't know about) and just let loose! But not too much, it's still a public place.

I guess you already gathered that this is nothing epic or outstanding. At least for me it wasn't except for the cast. All the ladies (I have to mention them all - Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter and Awkwafina) were awesome and chill and very lovely to watch. The plot is very easy to understand I won't even tell you. There are no major turns, surprises, thrilling scenes, it's just pleasant and an Ocean film should be.
As for a 10AM movie - I did like it and the anti-complications in it. I give this one a YES.
Movie is in Latvias' theaters starting from 15th of June.

Rating: ★★★½

Detroit (2017 release)

Usually I "review" movies that are freshly in cinemas or show up on Netflix but as I haven't seen anything good there in past month or so (except Annihilation...which I think I will watch again and then write something) I have decided to briefly introduce you to Detroit - a movie from Kathryn Bigelow (known from Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker and probably others).
Detroit shows us some events during riots (actual events, just more dramatized, maybe..we will never know) that happened in 1967 in Detroit. It's a solid 2.5 hours a watch that starts kind of slowly but somehow you are thrown into action at the same time. Main thing is what went down in one motel.
During you get to see some footage from actual time there which is subtly edited into the movie. Enjoyed that decision.
What is this movie is about? Basically - racism and injustice. All I can say is that once again I felt angry, sad and hurt. Personally, I think the film found a way how to silently climb up on me and then at one point started to crush me down. And in a twisted not so twisted way I liked it.
I am grateful I didn't have to experience what they had but couldn't help myself to feel for the characters that were involved.
This might not be a movie for everyone (there are others out that in a way are similar to this plot/similar events. Racism and injustice in USA is nothing new etc.) nor everyone will like it as much as I did. But. The thing is.
I did. So I decided to type something here.

Rating: ★★★★

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Well that's a mouthful for a movie title. Anyhow..
I am sitting here and not typing for about 5 minutes now. I just don't know how to correctly express of what I'm thinking. Maybe I just haven't recently seen anything that is what this movie was...Which was....argh..Fuck it. Let's start from another angle.
The film is based on true events and it shows us a later (his mid thirties and later) part of Harvard psychologists and professors William Moulton Marstons life with his wife....and a student of his. During the runtime of the movie not only we get to see what was his input in creating lie detector test, how the idea and invention of Wonder Woman arose, we also get to experience quite juicy, richly described and visualized relationships of his.
In first minutes I already could tell that it will be a good time in front of the screen. How come you ask? I only had heard a few dialogues but already felt that the shown characters were deep, well established and diverse in their qualities and flaws. Okay, the flaw part might have been similar. But that is not that important.
What is important to say is that it is multilayered, passionate and also educational piece of art. All three main characters are so strong, smart, independent and played wonderfully by the attractive cast - Luke Evans,  Rebecca Hall and Bella Heathcote. They did a great job filling the room with different kinds of emotions and transcending them to the opposite side of the screen. I felt what they were feeling, thank you.
I can't really comment on music, cinematography or editing (wasn't bad, wasn't also anything unordinary) or anything else really. Costumes were fair I guess, the chosen color spectrum was nice as well but I was in it for the characters and the story. Don't want to get into more details about the characters (what I liked and what not) or the story itself. See for yourselves, that's the best thing to do.

A well written, interesting and passionate movie.

Rating: ★★★★


And once again Netflix brings us good cinema. Just when I started to doubt them. Thank goodness.
Mudbound is filled with hatred, hurt, heart and compassion and it tells a story of two families who try to make a living on the countryside of Mississippi. One is a family of color, other is not. Timeline when this happens is a bit during and mostly after World War II. Both of these families had one member joining and returning from duty. They both struggle, just in different ways. And that is what this piece is about.
I hadn't seen anything else from the director Dee Rees beforehand but this movie has me assured I will give a try from anything she makes in years to come.
When it comes to acting I am ready to praise the villain of the movie - played by Jonathan Banks. When a character can bring out such strong emotions out of me it deserves a notice. This is the time when I can say I loved that I hated someone.
Not in the spotlight for me but Rob Morgan, Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund and Jason Clarke also brought in some fine, diverse and believable performances portraying very different people in different life situations. I thank everyone.
Enjoyed hearing some of that gospel type of singing. What is more, I always appreciate seeing hard work done. And by hard work I mean labor, that getting-down-and-doing-the-dirty-ground-work not sitting in front of piece of paper, computer, phone, you name it.
Apart from seeing things I also enjoyed hearing quite a lot of monologues that went on in their minds. That was pleasant and felt like a little but cool change from other movies I have lately seen (and not written reviews, forgive me).
What I found as a problem was that it was too dark at times. And I mean literally-it lacked some lighting, especially at the beginning of the movie. It was almost pitch black and I couldn't see what was happening. I hope it might be a Netflix brightness thing or something. Another little thing was that some scenes felt too long.

All in all this was a strong enough movie to compete in getting some Golden Globes. I truly believe it. Not sure about the Academy Awards (though I would be happy to see it nominated).
This one got my attention and even reached my feeling hiding place. I cared. It deserves a review. Thank you. Thank you Mississippi and your damn heavy rain which brings trouble to farmers (not the main plot of the film, don't get excited).

Rating: ★★★★

Logan Lucky

When it comes to Steven Soderbergh ("Ocean" movies, "Magic Mike" and my favorite from him  - "Side Effects")  I like noticing how he has his "favorite actors" to work with (I know it's not only his thing, there are many directors out there who like to collaborate with specific actors). So again we get to see Channing Tatum in action (quite different from Magic Mike, be aware).
Logan Lucky has an easy plot  - two brothers (Channing and Adam Driver) decide (okay, one of them decides and the other one just jumps in) to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race somewhere in the South of the USA.
For this one I can praise the work of Mr. Tatum and Mr. Driver. They were just spot on. To see such working chemistry is a delight - they were awkward enough and had big hearts. Thank you guys. Riley Keough (my somewhat new discovery) had some characteristic clothing, make-up AND nails..Also good to see. I couldn't admire the work of Daniel Craig because it was overshadowed by Tatum and Driver. He had cool hair color. All I remember. I have nothing else to say - I enjoyed it.

It's a bit silly, it's a bit serious with some action on the side. It's a Steven Soderbergh movie: a good one to wind off to.

Rating: ★★★★

The Beguiled

Sofia Coppola has brought us some good cinema before (Lost in Translation, The Virgin Suicides etc.) and The Beguiled is not about to break that pattern.
It tells us a story about different aged women who stay at somewhat abandoned girls school during American Civil War. One of the girls while picking mushrooms finds a badly wounded soldier "from enemy lines" and decides to take him in. Then we see everyone interact with him and each other and so the story unfolds. It's a proper drama.
There were a few things besides the story itself that I enjoyed:
  • I pretty much LOVED the visual tones that were set. Such deep, slightly cold and saturated colors were like candy to my eyes. Ahhh, very appealing. 
  • Although I am a fan of Elle Fanning, Kirsten Dunst stole the show for me when it comes to acting (and writing I guess). She was so believable in her facial expressions. Great job.
  • Colin Farrell. YES. 
Main thing I did NOT like was seeing the same shot at least two times (you can see it in the image I've added. It's a beautiful scene...but I believe there are different angles that look also astonishing). I don't believe it had a hidden message, it just felt lazy. And with that repeated shot later came an upgraded version which was filmed from the same spot. It might have been first time I've noticed something like this. Did not like it at all.

All in all it's a good drama with diverse and interesting human interactions in private and in group settings.

Rating: ★★★½